Friday, August 8, 2014

Things That Are Different in England (second of a series)


I suppose one can get free-range fancy-schmancy eggs in the US, but at all of the food emporia that are within walking distance, the available eggs are in cartons of a half-dozen, and are all free-range. There is also a bit about the farmer who keeps the chickens that supply the eggs, and you can visit a web page with additional information about the farmer and his eggs by scanning the QR code.

Which brings me to

QR Codes

These seem to be everywhere here.  I see them on egg cartons, office windows, sinage... Obviously they have been embraced by the UK community, probably because everyone has smart phones that they are engaged with constantly.
I find it rather remarkable that everyone I see who is not accompanied with a companion   (and some that are) are either holding a phone to their ear, speaking into a microphone on an ear bud cord, or looking at their handset (texting or looking something up).