Friday, August 8, 2014

Museum Report: Part 1, Getting there

"from the bus, to the plane, to the UFO into outer space, baby"  - Is That You, Moe-D, B-52's
Kate arrived in good time and we walked to the bus stop, as it seemed to be the most direct route to the British Museum area. The bus that Google suggested (and has suggested for How to Get Anywhere from Here this entire week), the 188, was slow and not showing up, and another bus (whose number now escapes me, perhaps the 1?), arrived, and it was a double-decker, which Rich wanted to experience. Kate thought briefly and calculated a route using that bus, so we boarded.
Bus selfie: Kate and I

The thing we didn't quite understand about the double-decker bus is that the driver will start out before people are off the stairway to the top part of the bus. This startled us and jostled us just a bit.
As we were tossed around getting to our seats on the upper level of the bus, I was strongly reminded of the Knight Bus from the Harry Potter series, and thought this is probably what Rowling was evoking.
We ended up downtown somewhere, and walked up a deserted office/industrial type block, past a boarded up former night club where Kate had worked many years ago, and eventually came out upon the entrance to the British Museum.
The entrance to the British Museum

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