Thursday, August 14, 2014

Into the West

We drove out of London on Sunday. The GPS was feeling particularly sadistic that morning, and it took us 2 hours to get out of the city and onto the M4 motorway.

We didn't even get the tank filled. Petrol is expensive here.

But apparently, some people can afford to drive in style.

The Little Normead Farm

The farmhouse B&B was incredibly beautiful. We had a little time to ourselves among the grounds when it wasn't raining. There were many large lavender plants that made the whole yard smell of lavender and the honeybees were busy collecting pollen. The farm had ducks and chickens and cats. Our hostess, Susan, was an excellent cook and provided us with enormous breakfasts every morning.

The only downsides to the place were the lack of surfaces to put things on and the tiny, highly uncomfortable bed, which we dubbed "the torture bed"... That, and the fact that we couldn't just stay there all day on the farm (it was literally a "bed and breakfast") had us leaving a day early. I had initially planned to chill out there on the last day, but there was no way to do that comfortably.

But we did have the most dramatic skies I have ever seen.

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