Friday, August 8, 2014

So this happened yesterday

I took a misstep on a bit if uneven pavement, and tore the ligaments on my ankle. This is why I didn't update yesterday; I was too busy feeling sorry for myself while the rest of the family were at the London Zoo.

I have done this probably 3 times before in my life. Never on vacation, I don't think. I have injured myself on a honeymoon in the past, however. 

The fact that there are 2 flights of stairs that have to be negotiated coming in and out of this flat is problematic. I am saving up my spoons for the theatre tonight.

I am concerned that this will affect what I can do and participate in at Worldcon next week.  And I really hope I'm injured enough to get the use of those transports inside the airport.  We had a 1-mile walk at least to get from our plane to customs and baggage claim.

At least it's given me the opportunity to catch up on the travel blog. This also happened yesterday:

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