Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Inception of Wendycards

As a child, I was always coming up with business names and ideas. It didn't really stop once I became an adult, either. I've been using the name "Wendycards" for decades now, when I'd make a hand-drawn-and-xeroxed card for a particular friend or occasion, and this month I got the idea to turn it into an actual stationery business. I bought the domain, and I'll be working on the site as soon as I clear a couple of things off my plate.

There will be some themed cards: the Love card that I talked about here, and some humorous get well cards, and cards using other drawings I've done in the past, and a lot of neoPagan-themed cards since that's a market I know pretty well and that is under-served, in my opinion.

I will be selling greeting cards of my own designs and other printed paper products. I have a source for reasonably-priced custom printed Post-It™ notes, so I've been working on 10 designs to produce. In fact, I've just finished them up. And here they are:

I will be taking pre-orders once the site goes live...   I'd love to know what you think!

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