Monday, February 25, 2013

Started something in the new sketchbook

I recently broke down and bought a Moleskine A3-sized sketchbook. It's huge. The pages are slightly larger than 11"x16". It's been sitting in my study, waiting. Until this past weekend that is. Since I have taxes and other unavoidable tedious and expensive paperwork looming over my head, my brain has exploded in a huge bout of creativity to help me procrastinate.

I started this drawing on the weekend and started inking it while I uploaded a pile of artwork to the printers for my Wendycards product line.

I think this really should be a painting in dark vibrant colors, but it will have to wait until I learn how to wield a brush better. Until then it will have to be happy remaining as a pen & ink sketch. But I totally envision the final versionas something heavily influenced by Alex Gray.

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