Friday, September 19, 2014

sketching again

I've been working with paper and pencil and ink a lot at home, to get away from the tablet and Adobe applications that I spend most of the day working with at the day job. However, I really enjoy working with the Procreate app on my iPad. It has the most "natural" brushes of any of the iPad apps I've been trying (and I've been trying most of them, believe me).

I doodled this while watching TV last week, and trying out the "fill area" feature they added in the latest update.

Right now, I'm using either the Sensu double-ended stylus ("fingertip" on one end and paint brush on the other end) or the Wacom Bamboo stylus. I am really seriously considering getting the new Wacom Intuous Creative Stylus 2 when it's released next month, and maybe I can hold off finally investing in a Cintiq drawing tablet for a while longer.

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