Monday, May 28, 2012

Challenge 07: Gridlocked

This challenge has to do with layout. I had 60 minutes to design an interior spread for an 11x17 (tabloid) brochure (folded to 8 1/2 x 11) for a juvenile diabetes treatment plan. Prior to the starting the clock, I was to come up with a name and logo for this thing.

The number of grids on the spread are determined by a random dice roll.

There are 6 required elements: 1 3" x 4" picture, 500 words of text (4-6 paragraphs), 100 words of "legal" (tiny type), 1 inset/pull quote (20 words) 1 8-word headline, and the logo, shown at least 1.25" wide.

Of course, I rolled a 1 on the die.
1-column layut
 After this version is done, create a new version where the logo is at least 2" larger than it was before.
1 column layout with larger logo
 Then, re-roll the dice and add that many columns to the layout and re-design. I rolled a 4.
5-column layout. This one is my favorite.

I went over time on this challenge, I blame my lack of expertise with InDesign. I am not completely in love with any of these layouts (or the name I came up for the treatment plan, but I am so ready to get past this assignment and move along to the next one).  I used some stock photos from an old library I have from some even older software that's been sitting on my hard drive. I would have done more with color and "artistic elements" if I had more time. Every time I look at these, I see things I want to tweak and change. But this is what you get for 1 hour and 24 minutes worth of work.

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