Sunday, February 12, 2012

Challenge 5: I'm Drawing a Blank

In this challenge, I had 60 minutes to design a 9x12 folder for a paint company as part of a rebranding effort. The folder must have 90% white space showing in the overall design.  What I have trouble with is calculating that 10% ink would look like. But I came up with this, produced in Adobe Illustrator:

If this were a real client and a real job, I'm sure it would go through several iterations before final approval. I find this particular challenge slightly amusing, since I just spent the last month working on a major rebranding effort at work, which included a 9x12 die cut folder.

This particular design uses a slightly modified paint brush icon from The Noun Project. I didn't spend time working up a company name or logo, using the paint brush as the de-facto company logo.  At some point, my portfolio will get redone and I'll post the "real" folder that was sent to the printers' last week.

Sorry for the gap in posting. Lots of overtime at work, to get the rebranded collateral finished for an upcoming trade show, plus college financial aid application deadlines (prompting the completion of 2011 taxes) kept me from doing anything for myself for a couple of weeks.

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